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At home restaurant quality dining experience, available to buy online

The team at the Butcher’s Dog love steak and we know it can be difficult creating that restaurant experience in your own kitchen so we’ve chosen some beautiful, but lesser-known cuts of beef, for you to enjoy at an affordable price.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and cooked our Butcher’s cuts, sous vide, tenderising the meat to produce that “melt in your mouth” steak experience. To top it off we’ve matched some gluten and dairy free sides & sauces so now you can recreate that restaurant experience at home… enjoy.

Butcher’s cut steaks aren’t as familiar as a sirloin or ribeye so many butcher’s took them home for the family since the steaks are full of flavour, contain less fat and are great value for money. In turn these lean cuts were often fed to the butcher’s dog, hence the term as fit as a butcher’s dog… at least that’s what we like to believe!

Our beef is supplied by John Gilmour & Co Ltd, an independent family butcher based in Scotland who specialise in the supply of high-quality meats. Gilmour’s, together with the team at the Butcher’s Dog, have sourced some beautiful butcher’s cuts, which are are best eaten medium rare to medium.

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